The polyurethane system that repairs poles damaged by birds, insects, water and ground level decay.Polecrete® RSP™ lets you extend the life of damaged utility poles by repairing, not replacing, them. This fast-reacting polyurethane system is packaged in a lightweight, disposable pressurized kit that’s specially designed to allow a single lineman to quickly and easily fill and repair damaged poles year-round.

Once a pole’s damaged cavities are filled with Polecrete® RSP™, it’s structurally sound, plus it’s virtually impossible for birds and other pests to re-enter the repaired areas. And unlike other fill products, Polecrete® RSP™ allows poles to keep their flexibility in storms, yet remain gaffable and strong enough to support the weight of utility workers.

    • Field proven since 1988
    • Good for year-round use
    • Safe, simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-carry kit
    • Easy to transport and use in difficult/restricted access areas
    • Eliminates damage to right-of-way by heavy equipment
    • Requires no specialized skills or equipment
    • Fills cavities and hardens in 10 minutes or less
    • Gaffable – keeps poles easy to climb for future needs
    • Significantly less expensive than other solutions
      • Time, labor and materials
      • Repair versus replace
      • Extends life of poles
      • Reduces risk of further damage
    • Unique – Only product of its kind

Does not contribute to ODP or GWP

Woodpecker hole in telephone pole
polecrete rsp

2-Gallon Pressurized Spray Kit